My name is Pax, and audio is kind of my thing.

My name is Paxson Helgesen. I'm a Sound Designer based out of Chicago, IL and received my B.A. in Audio for Visual Media from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked on various soundtracks for Film, Television, Animation, and Video Games. 

I help tell stories through sound. I believe that the relationship between sound and image is incredibly important. A soundtrack is a crucial component in the development of the narrative and the characters within a story. Absolutely every sound should have a purpose.

Audio has been a lifelong journey for me. From a very young age I became involved with music. I started with piano, sang in choir throughout school, and later picked up the guitar. In high school I played in Jazz Band on bass guitar and upright bass. 

Music is where I was first introduced to the studio environment. Playing in bands of varying genres, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in the recording studio. I was inspired by the process. Eventually, I decided to set up a modest home studio of my own to record demos for my own projects and other local artists.

I later transitioned to audio post production and sound for interactive media. Sound for picture and games is very much an invisible art. It complements, without distracting from the experience. When done well, it shouldn't be noticed by the audience. It's a tool to create meaning, develop emotion, and guide the viewer along their cinematic journey.

I'm interested not only in where sound is now, but also the future of audio for visual media. With the development of interactive mediums like Virtual and Augmented reality technologies, we must continue to develop tools to create even more immersive soundscapes for film and video games.